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Board Governance

This is an excellent program. It covered information and processes pertinent to the activities of the Board of Directors of our portfolio companies.

Mathew George

Vice President of Portfolio Management
TELUS Ventures

BEL's Governance program was absolutely helpful to me. I have already used material to put together some mini sessions, and look forward to a full-Board, customized session with Banff in the fall. They are a very professional organization!

Kenn Voss

Past Chair
Canadian Tire Dealers' Association

Banff Executive Leadership Inc. was very helpful in guiding the Government of the Northwest Territories' efforts in developing a governance framework which will guide the government's relationship with all NWT boards and agencies. This work is breaking trail from coast to coast and we welcomed the insightful comments and feedback we received on the project.

Gabriela Sparling

Associate Deputy Minister, Department of Executive
Government of the Northwest Territories

Board Governance

Improving Board Governance - The Real Work of Governance
September 25-27, 2015
Banff, Canada (All Sectors)

Text Version

Tuition: $2,495

Accommodation and meals: Approx. $345 /day

Professional Bodies Governance
May 22 – 25, 2014
Banff, Canada


Tuition: $2,495

Accommodation and meals: Approx. $345 /day

Governance for Health Charities
June 5 - 8, 2014
Toronto, Canada


Tuition: $2,495

Accommodation and meals: Approx. $345 /day

Governance, in all its various forms, may well be the most significant leadership issue of our time.

  • Corporate Boards
  • Charity Boards
  • Health Care & Education Boards
  • Municipal Councils
  • Professional Association Boards
  • Private/Family-owned Business Boards
  • Consulting/law Partnerships
  • Marketing Boards
  • Resource Management Councils

Despite the variations of form and context, they share common requirements for good governance.

As a governor, you accept a ‘contract’ of responsibility and accountability for the actions, impact, and future of the organization. How you carry out your role is important. And, Governance work is very different from the management, professional, or other volunteer work we have been trained for in the main parts of our life.

Governance that Adds-Value to Enterprise/Community Success

Attend a Public Program to hone your personal skills:

Day One Day Two Day Three

Role of Board vs. Management

Best Practices in Governance

Principles & Models:

  • Traditional
  • Carver
  • Cortex
  • Other

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Board

Trust, Risk & Communication – essentials for high performing Boards

The REAL Work of Governance Model

Role of Board/ Mgt. in Strategic Leadership:

  • Dynamic Tension
  • Stewardship Agreement

Network Scanning

Relevancy & Community Engagement

Oversight, Perspective & Ethical Reflection:

  • Measuring Org. Performance
  • Monitoring & Evaluating CEO
  • Board Reporting Systems
  • Codes of Conduct

Board Dynamics:

  • Power
  • Annual Calendar
  • Agenda Setting
  • Conflicts of Interest
Risk Management:
  • Organizational Capital/Asset Risks
  • Org. Capacity to implement strategy

Diplomacy, Influence Leverage:

  • Friend-/Fund-raising
  • Government Relations
  • Alliances/ Partnerships

Legal Responsibilities & Liabilities

Board Recruitment, Succession, and Planning


others as required for specialty application

Arrange a Customized Program to tune-up your whole Board

Customized programs offer a cost-effective way to get your whole governance team in-synch: they can be run in a 2-day, 3-day, and other formats to meet your unique needs:

  • Newly elected/formed Boards
  • Boards facing complex challenges in the future
  • Organizations going through transition
  • Boards facing the start of a new planning cycle

Our content and resources reflect the latest recommendations from Toronto Stock Exchange, Broadbent Report of Charitable/NFP Boards (Canada), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (USA), and other jurisdictions such as Britain, Singapore, and Japan. While these recommendations are important and useful, we know that there is much more to effective Governance.

Indeed, Banff Executive Leadership has been teaching, facilitating, and doing Board governance for many years; and we know first hand that no simple dictums or standards guarantee good governance. With this in mind we have outlined competencies and perspectives in a more systemic approach, which we have seen contribute to excellence in governance. Most important is a healthy conversation at the Board table about the practices, processes and performance of the Board and Senior Management as a team.

The REAL Work of Governance is not simple, nor straightforward. And there are many ways to get to and maintain good governance. If you are looking at reviewing your approach we invite you to take the test! Have the conversation.

We have diverse experience working with Boards from:

  • Business
  • National/Regional Charitable Organizations
  • Health Care
  • Professional Associations
  • Trade Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Marketing Councils
  • Resource Management Boards
  • Television/media
  • Aboriginal Communities

Continue to do what you do, it is a valuable service to the organizations you work with!

Ron Esch

Chief Executive Officer
Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB)

Specialty faculty and Session Adaptations for:

  • Aboriginal Community Governance
  • Civic Government Governance
  • Pension Fund Governance

The Improving Board Governance Practices program was an excellent overview for our board members on the latest thoughts and theories on good board governance. I am certain our board members went away energized and ominous to put many of the latest priorities to the text in improving our already excellent practices.

Julian Nowicki

Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission

The program opened up & whole new mind set for me. Monitoring systems to me were considered boring & not always relevant. I now understand.

It is really thought & process provoking. The handouts were useful for review.

Ed Gaudet

Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission

Board Governance Practices Inventory

This 4-colour self-assessment inventory leads Board members through a detailed reflection on their personal stewardship practices, and their actions to ensure the sustainability and relevancy of the organization they govern. Incorporates standards and recommendations from Toronto Stock Exchange, Broadbent Report, USA's Sarbanes - Oxley Act, UK, Singapore and Japanese business groups.

The competency - based assessment identifies the frame-of-reference a Director brings to 25 key governance practices and their balance of focus across 6 key areas of governance work. [Network Scan, Relevancy & Community Engagement, Oversight, Perspective & Ethical Reflection, Risk Management, Diplomacy & Influence, Communication and Interpersonal Skills.

Price: US $15 each plus tax & shipping
(12 for US $155 )

For more details click here: Text | PDF

Leadership Journal

Featuring Inspiring graphics and quotations, these journals are used in BEL programming and are also available to you for use in daily work/personal reflection.

Price: US $10 each plus tax & shipping
(12 for US $110)

For more details click here: Text | PDF

BEL's program was very professional and full of important concepts that can easily be taken back and used in all situations.

Tracy Waddington
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

BEL provided us with a lot of pre-course reading! Lots of great stuff to refer back to and so much more that remains to be absorbed from all of the material in the session. Thanks!

Linda Mickelson

Alberta Cancer Foundation

As a start up not for profit, this program highlighted the importance of building a solid governance foundation.

George Gritziotis
Executive Director
Construction Sector Council


This is a truly innovative program & one that will prepare people for both the trends & challenges of the future, as well fully preparing boards for their current duties. It's not just about understanding governance; it's also about the implementation of leading practices.

Lynn Martin
Board Member
Calgary Health Region


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