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Enhancing Executive Leadership & Strategy
(5-Day Module)

Target Audience/Time:

Corporate Senior Executives: Vice President, General Managers, Chief Administrative Officers, and Senior Managers of Municipalities, CEO's and Senior Directors of Large NGO's and Associations, Assistant Deputy Ministers, Directors General, and Senior Directors in Federal & Regional Government Departments.

5 days: 8:30am - 8:30pm. Greeting and orientation session in the afternoon before the first full day.


  • Develop a thorough understanding of your individual leadership strengths and areas for development, so you can successfully guide your part of the organization and better coach those that you lead.
  • Build a progressive framework for setting strategic direction and facilitating complex change
  • To study and make recommended actions for 'live case examples' of strategic, complex organizational challenges contributed by other participants.
  • Explore the concepts and options for Leading a 'Network' of organizations, partners and associates.
  • Apply your interpersonal and strategic leadership competencies in a complex business simulation exercise with peers.
  • Enhance your ability to work in conjunction with the Board and other Senior Executives to facilitate multi-stakeholder strategic thinking and planning processes.
  • Understand key concepts of Governance and Community Engagement, plus how to apply.
  • Tune up your understanding of Strategic Financial Analysis and communication to the community.

Pre-course Participant Preparation:

  1. 360-degree Competency-based Executive Leadership Practices Inventory
  2. The Hidden Connections - Fritjof Capra
  3. Readings on Strategic Thinking & Planning - Various HBR Article

    Faculty with experience as executives and/or specialty expertise in these topic areas will be selected based on availability and participant registrant numbers. They will likely include:
    Doug Macnamara, Fritjof Capra, William McDonough, other.

    Arrival/Orientation & Greeting Session
    2:00pm - Arrival and check-in
    3:00pm - Program Start
         Welcome and Introductions
         4 - Frames for Executive Leadership
         Changing demands for Executive Leadership incl. speed, productivity, innovation, etc.
    6:30pm - Reception/Dinner

Day One
· Leadership - Management - Entrepreneurialism
· Ethics and Values in Senior Leadership
· Know Thyself - Personal Style Assessment: Executive Thinking, Leadership, Psychological Profiles
· Know Thyself (continued)
· Coaching Others for Improved Performance
· Exploring Your Personal Leadership 'Brand'

Day Two

· Leading in A Network
· Systems Thinking & Leadership of Social Networks
· Strategic Thinking and Planning
· Governance & Strategic Leadership Systems Approach
· Uniqueness, Value Proposition and 'Blue Ocean' Strategy
· Market Positioning and Branding
· Live Case Studies - Set up of Cases and Case Teams

Day Three

· Strategic Leadership Simulation Exercise
· Simulation (continued)
· Live Case Studies

Day Four

· Governance Principles & Role of Senior Executives with the Board
· Asset and Risk Management
· Live Case Studies

Day Five

· Live Case Study Presentations
· Completing your Leadership 'Brand'
· Implementing Changes and Transformation in your Strategic/Network Leadership Practices

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