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Executive Leadership Development

After attending a few different executive programs in my career, I have to say that the BEL ones have surpassed my expectations. Even during difficult periods, it's still great value to invest one week out of my daily duties.

Philippe Miltin

Vice President, Europe/Middle East/ Africa
Silicon Graphics Inc.

Banff Executive Leadership is professional, innovated, transparent, diverse and global.

Marlene Duff

Head, Human Resources & Administration
Samson Canada Ltd.

BEL has a forward thinking approach to leadership, which is oriented to a dynamic learning environment for everyone. They have a Canadian perspective and are on the leading edge of executive development for both Canada and internationally. Banff 's physical environment is also important for programmatic impact.

Glenn Manderson

Vice-President, Business Operations
Canadian Diabetes Association

Building Executive Talent is not for the Faint of Heart!

Executives are demanding learners. They challenge, they question, and yes, sometimes they have a hard time letting go of their current perspectives! They have seen/experienced a lot already in their careers, yet they too need continuous improvement, updating, and re-energizing.

BEL’s programs are intensive; provide a work-out both mentally and in applied-practice sessions. We provide both practical tools and stretch environments to allow comparison with your peers. Few of our alumni would suggest our programs were a ‘holiday’ – most would say they were high impact, career-enhancing events. Academic programs have their place; BEL’s sessions however, are designed to refine your actual actions, acumen, and impact.

Our faculty members are former/current executives themselves, or specialty area experts - well recognized in their field.

Some of our most popular modules include the following:

Enhancing Executive Leadership & Strategy

- 5-Day Module –

  • Leadership @ internet.speed
  • Systems & Network Thinking
  • Know Thyself – Personal Style Assessment (Thinking, Leadership, Psychological Profiles)
  • Coaching Others for Improved Performance Small Group work
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Implementation
  • Market Positioning & Branding
  • Live Case Studies on Complex Strategic Challenges
  • Ethical Leadership & Social Accountability
  • Strategic Leadership Simulation Exercise
  • Financial/Risk Management


This was by far the best executive program I have had the opportunity to take part in.

Jose Gouveia

Regional Director
VivaVision ,  Brazil


Their leadership program gives an insightful look into strategic thinking and leadership styles. Their models and tools are very useful to equip leaders of industry to face new challenges in the future.

Bukhari Che Muda

General Manager
Sistem Televisyen - TV3, Malaysia

BEL doesn't just provide a one-time course, they provide an ongoing learning experience with follow up and ongoing advice. Great value for time and money spent .

Greg Debogorski

Executive Director
Yellowknife Association of Concerned Citizens for Seniors


Six months later, I remember the practical examples of how to lead in a complex, multi-system business world. The active and outdoor components provided an excellent opportunity to practice the theoretical components.

John Barrett

Canadian Marketing Director
Frito Lay Canada

Collaborative Leadership

4-Day Module -

  • Team Leadership
  • Empowerment – Delegation - Directing
  • Accountability Mechanisms
    (incl. Performance Management)
  • Leading Complex, Adaptive Change challenges EcoSim
  • Outdoor Challenge Application
  • Reframing the New Work Relationships
    (Full-time staff, contingent workers, alliances/partnerships)
  • Creating Successful Joint Ventures, Alliances, Partnerships

Organizations Expect BIG Things from their Executives!

Just look at the job ads for executives in today’s newspapers – they almost expect you to walk on water! In reality, no one has all the capabilities developed to the extent they or their organization wants. So with all the other commitments and demands for your time and attention, what will you do for yourself this year? What investment will you and the organization make to sustain or even grow your leadership effectiveness? Especially if you have to lead the organization into new challenges, markets, endeavours, it is quite likely you don’t have all the skills needed.

Try out BEL’s NEW Executive Leadership (360-degree) Practices Assessment. This competency-based inventory can assist in identifying where you need to improve your leadership practices. If your organization already uses another tool to provide this insight, then BEL’s practical, hands-on, experiential learning processes may be just the resource needed to put the findings into action.

Creativity & Innovation Leadership

- 4-Day Module -

  • Mobilizing Your Organization to
    Create Enhanced Customer Value
  • Leonardo da Vinci – an Example for Today’s Renaissance Leadership
  • Creativity – Ingenuity – Innovation
  • Re-vitalizing your Creative Spirit
    (Hands-on session with master artists in music, painting, improve theatre, and more)
  • Creating the Innovation Environment in your Organization
  • Assessing Your Organization’s Innovation Processes (Live Case Study)


Banff Executive Leadership has proven to be an excellent partner in providing our organization and clients with world-class executive development. They have also assisted us in building our own capacity in facilitation such elements as outdoor challenge experiences, creativity sessions, and active learning methodologies. Our senior executives were very complimentary about BEL's programming and have asked for more, as have other companies in Iran.

Hassan Cheraghi

Managing Director
Rahbaran Petrochemical Company, Iran


This was an excellent experience, very open & forthcoming.

Henry Wegiel

Trade Relations, Dofasco Inc


The program provided a clear overview of federal government processes and players from instructors who had experience in the trenches. The facilitators were very professional and helpful. They made everyone feel welcome and that we were valued participants.

Margaret Ward-Jack

Director of Communications
Alberta Association of Registered Nurses

Expert Government Relations & Best Practices

- 3-Day Module -

  • Understanding Government Processes and Structures
    - Civil Service processes
    - Political Processes
  • Citizen/Community Trends, Issues, Realities
  • Who Influences Government and How
  • Changing Roles/Mandates of Government,
    Business and NGO’s
  • Closed-door Discussions
    - Prominent Politician(s)
    - Media Expert
  • Developing a Government/Media Affairs Strategy
  • Live Case Studies from Participants

Banff Executive Leadership: Programming in Banff, across Canada/USA, and Internationally

This brings to our clients a global perspective, and allows us to ensure we remain leading-edge and aware of the variety of approaches used around the world.

Our Strategic Partnerships Create Transformation over a Sustained Timeframe

Ultimately we see our business as facilitating transformation in leadership practices. As a result, we create long-term partnerships with clients who are willing to invest in a multi-component effort to bring about sustained changes. Examples of some of our long-term partnerships include:

International Television & Media Executive Program

The International Institute for Television Leadership has been in partnership with industry leaders such as MDA - Media Development Authority, ScreenWest, Alliance Atlantis and the Banff Television Festival. We are now into our 6th year working with Canadian, US, and international media executives. Offered in Banff, Singapore, Australia and Europe, we have blended strong executive leadership development elements with the practicalities and personal advice of senior industry leaders to address those from broadcasting, production, marketing, financial, legal, government, and more! We have a growing group of 300+ alumni who have advanced their careers and developed many co-production successes as a direct result of this initiative.

Silicon Graphics Inc. – Senior Leadership Forum

SGI’s next generation of executive leaders come from around the world to Banff, along with current senior executives from Mtn. View, California for a 5.5 day session. This is preceded by 2 months of assessment, personalized coaching, and a personal strategic change project. The course is followed by 4-6 months of continued coaching, new practice application, and strategic project implementation.

Indonesian Government – Governance & Leadership Reform Project

Several initiatives have been underway for years, and we are now entering the second phase. Working directly with the Ministry of Human Settlement & Regional Development, and on a wider basis through a CIDA sponsored initiative, BEL is assisting in the development of senior civil servants both in the central and regional governments. BEL runs senior-level programs and trains/monitors trainers for mid-level leadership and management development across Indonesia.

Rahbaran Petrochemical Company

Now into the 5th year of our partnership, Rahbaran and BEL have together built outdoor challenge facilities, creativity/innovation studios, trained leading Iranian artists, and delivered executive programs in Tehran. The partnership has now expanded from work with executives from the petrochemical industry, to include automotive, telecom and government sectors.

BEL's program was just the thing I needed. It catapulted me leaps and bounds from where I was. I continue to go back to the material and use it as a resource.

Carol Whiteman

President & CEO/Producer Creative Women Workshops
The Women in the Directors Chair Workshop

Doug makes the program.his real world experience & teaching style make for an extremely effective learning experience.

David Alexander

Director Engineering
Silicon Graphics Inc. USA

Having attended a couple of BEL executive programs, I am impressed by their top - notch faculty, excellent learning environment, engaging processes, and program content which is very applicable to my day-to-day leadership challenges.

Stuart McKellar

Alberta Treasury Branches

Executive Leadership Practices Inventory

Also a 4-colour self-assessment , this leads executive team members through a detailed reflection of their personal leadership practices. Is designed to be used as a 360-degree tool where participants give copies to supervisor, team members and peers/customers to gain insight on their practices from a number of perspectives.

The inventory is based upon on-going competency research through focus groups, one-on-one interviews and feedback from participants in public and customized programs - over more than 10 years and from more than 4,000 organizations in North America and around the world. Discrete action areas are organized into sections: Self-Knowledge and Personal Integrity; Systems Thinking, Collaboration & Risk; Sustainable Strategy & Big Picture Processes; Directions Setting & Differentiation; Results Orientation/Impact; Facilitation of Change/Transformation; Knowledge & Innovation Leverage; People Development, Diversity & Intellectual Capital Leverage.



US $15 each plus tax & shipping
(12 for US $155)

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Leadership Journal

Featuring Inspiring graphics and quotations, these journals are used in BEL programming and are also available to you for use in daily work/personal reflection.

Price: US$10 each plus tax and shipping.
(12 for US $110)

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Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
Leadership, Innovation, Stewardship

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