Leadership Journal

Price US$10 each (12 for $110 USD) plus tax & shipping

This journal booklet makes an excellent personal reflection tool and resource for senior leaders. A fine textured paper booklet, it will slip into pocket, briefcase, or purse so you can take it with you to record observations or thoughts during training sessions, meetings, vacation, or travel. We have integrated worldly, thought-provoking, and reflective images, plus leadership quotes throughout to further stimulate your thinking.

Distributed to participants in our public and customized programs, it has proven to be a popular item that our participants use again, and again during both work and personal time. Journals are a proven mechanism to help executives "step-back" from the day-to-day pressures and reflect on the strategic, or make connections at the Network or Systems thinking levels. Fancy yourself as a modern day Leonardo da Vinci? Again, renaissance leaders combine factual, creative, observational and introspective elements into innovative new applications. Journals help bring these elements together.

Quotes and imagery within the journal come from around the world, and address such elements as: leadership, success, nature, science, philosophy, art, architecture, and indigenous peoples.

Give as gifts to your work colleagues or clients!

Call 1-866-626-6002 or email: info@banffexeclead.com to order or for more information.

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