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Retreat Facilitation & Keynote Speaking

Doug Macnamara and Banff Executive Leadership provided a stimulating and insightful facilitation of our Council retreat. Focused on improving our functioning, Doug displayed great sensitivity to Council issues, dealt surely with the agenda, and allowed us to achieve our goals in an atmosphere of trust and fun!

Robert A. (Bob) Burns

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

BEL facilitated us through a framework for developing a comprehensive path forward and specific action to tie our strategic goals to individual contributions. It was very practical, applied to our business, and added a bit of discipline which we appreciated.

Rick Albert

Norfolk International Group

Doug Macnamara gave an immensely thought provoking session at the World Federation of Polytechnics and Colleges Congress in Dubai . His excellent visuals were supported with examples which had the audience participating in discussion for some hours afterwards. His session was one of the most highly rated of the Congress and we would be happy to invite Doug back at anytime for relevant conferences.

Phil Quirke

Dean of Education
Abu Dhabi Men's College

It's time to get your Executive Team or Board out of the day-to day firefighting, and stand back to gain a more objective perspective. Consider the elements that you could build into your retreat.

  • How are we functioning as a team?
  • Do we have a commonly held picture of where we are headed and the priorities to get there?
  • Are our products, programs, services still relevant to the audience or market we serve?
  • Are our internal processes working and supporting our future aspirations?
  • Do we have the human capital we need, in the right roles?
  • Is the Board and executive team 'in-synch'?
  • What are the changes and trends occurring around us that are creating Risk and Opportunity?
  • Are we thinking strategically, innovatively, and sustainably?
  • Do we have the appropriate Market Positioning and Branding?
  • Are we carrying out our stewardship responsibilities appropriately?
  • How could we improve our organization's morale and enhance performance?

Next, you should consider whether you will have an internal or external resource facilitate the discussions and take your group to a higher level of thinking and process effectiveness.

Banff Executive Leadership - accomplished facilitators of tough retreat challenges:

  • Experience as executive in private sector multinational companies, and a world class not-for-profit institution
  • Experience on various Boards over many years, including the role as Board Chair
  • Acclaimed ability to facilitate the most demanding Boards and senior leadership teams through tough issues
  • Ability to quickly come up to speed on your organization's strategic issues, plus add insightful probes, and connections to a wider base of organizational experiences
  • A broad toolkit of models, activities and processes (tested for practical application) to draw upon based on the unique needs of your organization
  • Diverse experience in facilitating Boards and senior leadership teams from such industry sectors as: financial services, broadcast and television, energy, health care, airline, civic/provincial/federal government departments, professional associations, aboriginal communities, arts, national and regional charitable organizations, large consulting groups, international government and corporate groups in Australia, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand. [This diversity also allows for cross-connection and global networked perspectives.]
  • Confidential partnership, and avoidance of conflict of interest amongst active clients
  • Team, communication and trust-building support

Stimulate Deeper Thinking at your next Gathering!

Banff Executive Leadership has the resources to 'spice-up' your next retreat whether in Banff or a location of your own. Doug has provided keynote presentations for years:

  • Highly rated success in presentations to large, mid-sized, and small groups
  • Printed material and computer AV support
  • Humour, insight and challenge
  • Presentation or audience engagement styles
  • Experience with simultaneous translation, video-conference delivery, and multi-media
  • Topics such as:
    - Leading in a Networked World
    - Community Conscience - Exploring the Social Contract of Boards, CEO's and Executives
    - Leadership @ internet.speed
    - High Performing Boards
    - Is that Leadership Development or Leadership Deployment?
    - Market Positioning & Creating Enhanced Customer Value
    - Unleashing Creativity & Innovation

Other members of our network can be 'connected' to you for additional/different needs.

Think Outside the Box!

* Consider a special session aboard Rocky Mountaineer Railtours!
This exciting two day-trip either Vancouver to Banff or vice versa, allows for significant contemplation and inspiration of senior leadership teams or Boards. We will work with you and Rocky Mountain Railtours - using their unique meeting room cars, to create a private meeting/gathering, along with time for personal reflection, small group conversation.

As a kick-off, or ending session, we can organize a more formal session in Vancouver or Banff hotels to 'prime' the participant's thinking and/or consolidate the meeting outcomes.

* How about a 'mountain challenge' reward and leadership learning event. We have worked with several groups: consulting partnerships, Boards, executive teams, top-performing sales people; to blend a reward vacation with leadership learning. We can also integrate outdoor challenges or heritage/cultural exploration as part of the actual learning design.

These are but two examples of the high impact, creative, and memorable experiences we can custom-create for you. Contact us for more information.


Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
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