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Leadership * Innovation * Stewardship

When we examine the key requirements of today's most senior leaders - governors/directors of Boards, Politicians, and Executives, three areas of development are most notable.


We need individuals willing to step forward and facilitate the solution of evermore complex and engaging challenges. These demand some new competencies and capabilities, largely not required in our leaders of the past.

Our focus is on Governance and Executive-level Leadership. Practical, applied, research-based and capacity-building approaches that will help you, your organization and your community improve your leadership practices. Our public programs have a money-back guarantee!

We provide programs and customized solutions that are proven yet modern, timely and relevant, challenging yet adaptive. The intended results:
  • Inspired leaders & followers
  • Empowered employees and teams
  • Distributed decision-making, all held together by
  • Common purpose & shared meaning Rooted in our ongoing competency-profiling research, we help you adjust your leadership practices they way you want. We then support you in implementing the new practices back home!

Today's non-linear world will always seem chaotic. Yet amid chaos, inside paradox, and surrounded by bland look-alike products and services, innovations emerge. These innovations capture our imagination and create new value for individuals, organizations, and society.

How many more toaster-ovens, cars and computers can the developed world buy? How much traditional 'consumerism' can our environment support for the developing world using traditional mechanistic & industrial means?

Continuous innovation practice, and innovation nurturing leads to differentiation, new high-value products/services, and increased market share. Innovation can provide more enjoyable work environments, safe and secure communities, and increased likelihood of sustainability in an unstable world. Innovations will be necessary to address our environmental challenges and global instabilities.

We work at disturbing, probing, and facilitating your own experimentation or discourse so you and your team can enhance its own innovation prowess.


As a Board member or executive, you have a significant responsibility to ensure your organization remains relevant, builds upon past successes with new creations, and doesn't destroy the community in which it operates/affects. Narrow self-interest, profitability-drive, and continuous conquest/growth behaviour is starting to 'crack' the foundation of most of the economic, social, scientific, and environmental models we have held dear for over 500 years.

'Stewardship' in all its multi-dimensional, integrated, and global elements is requiring us all to rethink our perspectives, governance approaches, and leadership priorities. This is tough to do in just four meetings a year or one annual strategic retreat! It is going to require a renaissance in both thinking and action, and will take a sustained effort to succeed.

We help you explore what stewardship means for you, your organization, and your community. We can help you build your 'Leadership Dashboard' to keep key information nearby, Coach you to improve your Board agenda-setting or Executive team meeting processes, and facilitate strategic explorations and assist in your team making better decisions.

We are serious about fostering a Leadership Renaissance!

Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
Leadership, Innovation, Stewardship

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