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Learning Environment

Something amazing happens as you drive into the mountains from the Calgary airport! All of a sudden your shoulders loosen up, your breathing relaxes, and a little tingle develops in your back. The mind seems to clear, and you gain a little more perspective on the work and family issues you left behind. As you enter the learning environment, your new colleagues, the faculty, the wonderful food, and the many learning resources start to work a magic of renewal, personal growth and revitalization.

Of course, some try to fight it. They bring their cell phones, biases, and busy egos to the table. However, if you can put these away, and truly open up, suspend disagreement and consider other perspectives, new points of view, and explore some uncomfortable issues; then you will have a fantastic experience. Many of our past participants have called their time at Banff a 'life changing experience'.

Whether it is life changing or not, we work hard to ensure each participant has a learning experience customized to their needs and interests.

Personal Learning Advisor
Your learning starts before you ever get to Banff! Our Personal Learning Advisor tries to get to know you and your leadership challenges. She will help you select the right program(s) for your needs. Next, she will work with you in advance of the program to complete the pre-course learning modules and ensure that they are most relevant to your learning plan. Readings, mini-projects, web-based explorations, and 360-degree assessment processes are combined to get your mind focused on the learning to come, and provide relevant, personalized material to bring to the program.

Banff Facilities
In Banff we utilize the uniquely creative facilities of Buffalo Mountain Lodge for our public programs.

Buffalo Mountain Lodge

In addition, we work with customized and retreat clients at such locations as:

The Banff Centre

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

The Banff Springs

Rimrock Hotel

Rimrock Resort

Our learning approaches also utilize the natural outdoor setting of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff National Park, plus special locations such as atop Sulphur Mountain.

Finally, consider coming early or staying late after your program. We can help organize such mountain experiences as:
Fairmont Banff Springs Spa
Downhill Skiing at Sunshine Mountain
Dog Sledding at Lake Louise
Golf at Banff Spring Golf Course
And, much more.!

Such an unfortunate label for our learning lab! Our learning spaces are formed to be rich with stimulating resources and processes:
1. Start with world-leading faculty and experienced executives to lead your learning.
2. Add executive colleagues with many years of experience and insight to share and work with.
3. Layer such elements as learning journaling, learning partners/coaches, paper-based tools and reference resources, creativity-enhancing toys and exercises.
4. Combine active learning processes such as 'Live Case Studies', simulation exercises, team projects, outdoor challenges, video taped practice sessions.
5. 'Finish' with a dose of reality and wisdom from Executives-in-Residence.

Post Banff Follow-up
Once again, our Personal Learning Advisor works with you 1, 3, 6 months after the Banff session to help you implement changes to your leadership practices and processes. If you need extra resources, a chat with faculty, or connection to other participants, she will facilitate this for you. After six month, we will work with you and your sponsor to measure the impact and success of your learning, then celebrate your completion of the program!

Spousal Programs
Your spouse/partner is welcome to come to Banff during the program in one of three ways:
  1. Full - Program Attendee
    We know that for many executives today, their partner is a significant element in their work life as well as personal life. Indeed many are executives themselves. For a surcharge of $1,000 plus meals, your spouse/partner can partake in the complete program! (This assumes double occupancy!)
  2. Program Audit Attendee*
    Occasional session observation, of say key faculty presentations, is available for a surcharge of $500 with an a la carte meal charge paid separately.
  3. No Program Attendance*
    Partner explores Banff and surrounding areas on their own. No surcharge, a la carte meal charges paid separately. Double Occupancy in room at no additional charge.

* Please be aware that our programs typically run from 8:00am to 9:00pm daily with some participant projects and/or social activities running later. As such, you may not have much time with your non-participating spouse during the three or four key days of the program.

Out-of-Banff Customized Programs
We will work with our client to replicate as much of the ambiance and learning processes as possible in the location they have chosen for their learning experience. Our desire would be to work with our clients to choose locations that will achieve as much impact as possible.

Toronto Facilities

In Toronto we utilize the unique retreat location of Glenerin Inn in Missisauga


Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
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