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Gordon McIntosh

Gordon McIntosh has 37 years of management, educator and consultancy roles with local government.  As President of the Local Government Leadership (LGL) Institute, he provides governance development, strategic facilitation and leadership training services.  He has conducted 1,200 workshops involving 140,000 elected and appointed officials on topics such as:

  • The Deep C Below Us! – personal and organizational insights and strategies to promote respectful leadership
  • Are We on the Same Page? –making strategic choices using priority setting criteria with short term action plans consistent with organizational resources for regular monitoring
  • Need a Vision Check-Up? – moving beyond vision and goal statements to describe and regularly assess progress toward a preferred future
  • Avoiding the Rocky Shoals – developing a success indicators checklist to assess and develop strategies to enhance decision making, role clarity and organizational effectiveness
  • What’s in the Box?  – determining essential and discretionary services as well as ways to maximize efficiency and ensure a balanced service delivery capacity  
  • What Does It Take? – identifying and developing leadership competencies for personal and organizational success along with learning and performance indicators  
  • Playing Nice in the Sand Box! – facilitating shared values and goals for enhanced team, interdepartmental, interagency and intergovernmental collaboration

Gordon received the Professional Award of Excellence and has served as President of the Local Government Management Association in BC.  His managerial positions included corporate, human service and community development functions of local government.  As the Islands Trust Executive Director, he worked with a 26 member Council serving the 470 Gulf Islands in the Georgia Basin. 

Doctor McIntosh’s research focuses on local government leadership and the political/administrative interface. Current faculty roles include the Universities of York, Victoria and Cape Breton as well as the Uongozi Institute of Leadership for a Sustainable Development in Africa (Tanzania).

Gordon has developed twenty-five core modules for conference keynotes and sessions, executive workshops and customized programs. He has delivered programs nationally and internationally for local, First Nation, Métis and regional governments as well as municipal associations throughout Canada and overseas - Palestine, Caribbean, South America, Sri Lanka, Africa and Philippines. Session alumni comment that his sessions are fast paced, interactive, humorous and practical with high satisfaction ratings.

He was raised in Ottawa where he received athletic awards for water polo. Gordon and his wife Diane live in North Saanich where they enjoy cycling, gardening and hiking.

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