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Organizational Overview

Banff Executive Leadership Inc. aspires to be recognized as one of the top strategic partners for organizations seeking solutions in Governance and Executive Leadership development. This includes both public and customized programming, strategic planning and retreat facilitation, Executive and Board coaching, keynote speaking, and insightful articles, models and content.

Our organization was established in 2001 by Doug Macnamara, after he led and built-up The Banff Centre for Management for over seven years - gaining a reputation as a leading force in executive and leadership development in Canada and internationally. Today, we have a team of experienced staff and faculty associates that have proven themselves with senior level clients in business, government, not-for-profit, and Indigenous communities.

We have simple, yet demanding criteria for all that work for our team:

1. They must have done the types of jobs of the people they are working with, and/or be recognized as a global thought-leader in a particular topic area.
2. They must be an excellent facilitator of executives in their learning processes.
3. They must have knowledge constructs that are truly applied, leading-edge, but not fad-based.

We have simple, but equally significant characteristics in our clients. They are:

(i) committed to actually transforming leadership practices in themselves, their organizations, their community.
(ii) committed to achieving measurable results/return-on-investment.
(iii) willing and committed to an extended process and approach that will actually lead to sustained change.
(iv) appreciative of a systems-thinking and global-networked frame of reference.

The quality and impact of our work is well established. And, we treat every new client/project as a partnership in achieving long-lasting results.

Leadership * Innovation * Stewardship

In today's world, these three elements are required together from our societies' executive cadré. It is no longer prudent to pursue narrow self-interest or continuous growth in profitability or size of organization, without taking a more systemic, indeed global-networked perspective of your practices and community obligations. This renaissance in leadership perspective and practice must start at the top, with both Board members and Executives. However, often our Board member and executive clients have not been coached or developed to have all the competencies required for today's global leadership realities.

This is where Banff Executive Leadership Inc. can help.

Our Programs provide an opportunity for key individuals from Boards or executive teams to come to Banff, tune-up specific areas of leadership practice, network with other executives, be engaged/challenged by leading thinkers and practitioners, and revitalize their leadership energies.

Often, our public program faculty members will make a rare Canadian engagement only in our program! This is your chance to truly learn from some of the best in the world in small intimate groups of executive learners.

Customized Programs are developed in partnership with client organizations to bring about a sustained and wide-spread change in leadership practices/culture across a whole Board and/or senior executive team and/or community. In most cases we are engaged in a multi-year, multi-component project.

Strategic Facilitation brings Executive Teams and/or Boards together to clarify common purpose and direction. It should energize engagement and commitment from everyone - orchestrating difference of opinion or experience into higher level thinking and strategy development.

Executive Coaching and now Board Coaching reflects the reality that senior executive time is scarce, yet the need for continuous leadership practice improvement is recognized. We thus work with individuals of a partnered client's executive team, or coach whole Boards through a jointly-developed strategy of performance improvement and assessment.

Today's networked economies, collaborative structures, and continuous innovation environments mean we simply can't rely on the same leadership approaches or solutions we used even 5 years ago. Join us in Banff, or bring 'Banff Inside', to explore, dig deep, and purposefully disturb one another toward new, more innovative leadership practices.

Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
Leadership, Innovation, Stewardship

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