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Banff Executive Leadership Inc. will be, and will be recognized to be, one of the leading partners in Canada for practical solutions in Governance and Executive development, strategic facilitation, keynote speaking, and media publication.


We enable and support fundamental transformation in individuals, organizations and communities through building governance & executive leadership competencies.

With Boards, we help develop improved processes, by-laws and understanding of the important work of Governance (compared with operational work). We facilitate customized retreats and training, and provide coaching guidance to the Board Chair and other Board members.

For senior executives and executive teams we develop improved strategic and people mobilization practices. We will coach executive team members looking to develop themselves in short bursts, but toward an extended commitment of improvement. We also facilitate strategic processes and decision-making on-site and/or in strategic retreats.

In doing so, we work toward three tenets:

Leadership - Holistic, strategic, collaborative, ethical, and applied practices of leading both people and communities toward new and sustainable future states.

Innovation - Building the environments to foster new ideas, products and services that break-through paradox, help us solve complex challenges, capture our imagination, and truly create new value.

Stewardship - The higher calling for trustees and senior leaders to actively consider, 'look after' and safeguard the well-being of community, environment, and biodiversity which they use and impact.

Critical Success Factors:
  1. Ability to impact/transform organizations, communities and society, through the development of individuals' leadership competency, and processes which support transformation.
  2. Financial profitability and sustainable practices.
  3. Clear brand recognition in Canada and selected international countries.
  4. Development of a referral network and global partnerships for innovation leaders/facilitators.
  5. Active research and publishing around applied leadership.

Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
Leadership, Innovation, Stewardship

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