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Our Team

Name Role Areas of Expertise
Doug Macnamara President and Lead Faculty
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning, Implementation
  • Market Positioning & Branding
  • Governance Structures & Processes
  • Competency Profiling
  • Experiential/Active Learning Processes Design
  • Innovation processes
  • Retreat facilitation
  • Keynote speaking
Gordon Ashworth Faculty Associate
  • Public Policy & Political Strategy
Mary Baetz Faculty Associate
  • IT, HR and Internal Processes Leadership
Fritjof Capra Faculty Associate
  • Systems Thinking
  • Sustainability & Leadership
Javier Carrillo Gamboa Faculty Associate
  • Knowledge Capital Valuation/Competency Systems
  • Strategy Development/Human Resource Development
Tania Chambers Faculty Associate
  • Production
  • Business Affairs
Tony Chow Faculty Associate
  • Production
  • Writing
Robert Chua Faculty Associate
  • Founder of the 1st Media Company in the world to enter the Chinese market
Dennis Cleaver Faculty Associate
  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance & Executive Leadership Development
Dean Daly Faculty Associate
  • Marketing / Advertising Professional
  • Internet Marketing Strategies
Bryan Davis Faculty Associate
  • Knowledge Pattern Recognition
  • Knowledge Audits
Dr. Ron Dvir Faculty Associate
  • Innovation Ecology
Lief Edvinsson Faculty Associate
  • Knowledge Management & Innovation Value
Pat Ferns Faculty Associate
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning, Implementation
  • Market Positioning & Branding
  • Innovation Processes
Maryantonett Flumian Faculty Associate
  • Change Leadership & Civil Service Processes
Piero Formica Faculty Associate
  • Economics of Innovation/Business Strategy
  • Policy, Entrepreneurship, Risk Capital
Biren Ghose Faculty Associate
  • Marketing Strategist
  • Production
Ken Goldstein Faculty Associate
  • Media Economics & Trends
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Facilitator
Bill Hamilton Faculty Associate
  • Executive Coach
Dale Hedges Faculty Associate
  • Strategic planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Project Management
Dr. Patrick Hoerl Faculty Associate
  • TV-Media Leadership
  • Strategy & Business Leadership
Larry Hulsmans Faculty Associate
  • Executive Coach
Nasrin Jazani Faculty Associate
  • Human Resources Management/Culture Change
  • Leadership for Women
Gulgun Kayakutlu Faculty Associate
  • E-Commerce Facilitation
  • Knowledge Management
Mike Kerr Faculty Associate
  • Creativity and Innovation Leadership
  • Humour in the Workplace
Esko Kilpi Faculty Associate
  • Knowledge Management
  • Complexity Coherence and Leadership
Bill King Faculty Associate
  • Executive Coach
  • Board Governance
David Kines Faculty Associate
  • TV-Media Leadership
  • Multi-media, Multi-platform, Innovation
Toni Lashbrook Faculty Associate
  • Governance
Andy Lloyd James Faculty Associate
  • Adjuct Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
Don Macnamara Faculty Associate
  • International Strategy
  • Governance and National Security
Lyn McDonell Faculty Associate
  • Board Governance
William McDonough Faculty Associate
  • Sustainable Architectures
  • Executive Strategy
  • Keynote Speaking
Gordan McIntosh Faculty Associate
  • Local Government Leadership/Land Use Planning
  • Governance
Eunika Mercier-Laurent Faculty Associate
  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation, Social Structures
Laurence Meyer Faculty Associate
  • Media Strategy
  • Media Trends & Dynamics
Richard Monette Faculty Associate
  • Sports Psychology
  • Performance Coaching
Edna Pasher Faculty Associate
  • Strategic Renewal
  • IC Measurement & Development
Sandy Penrose Faculty Associate
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Thinking, Planning, Implementation
Mike Riemenschneider Faculty Associate
  • Business Marketing Film
Charles Savage Faculty Associate
  • Networking Culture
  • Executive Group Facilitation
Susan Schaefer Faculty Associate
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Strategies
Oliver Schwabe Faculty Associate
  • Digital Business Modeling
  • Organizational Transformation
Mike Shaw Faculty Associate
  • Outdoor & Experiential Processes
  • Ropes Course Design and Build
Hubert St. Onge Faculty Associate
  • Knowledge, Innovation & Strategic Capabilities
Sydney Suissa Faculty Associate
  • TV-Media Executive Leadership
  • Global Strategy Implementation
  • People/Organizational Change Management
Alexander Thies Faculty Associate
  • Television and Film Production
Gail P. Voisin Faculty Associate
  • Executive Coach
Barb Williams Faculty Associate
  • TV-Media Executive Leadership
  • Large Corporate Strategy Implementation
  • People/Organizational Change Management
Will Wyatt Faculty Associate
  • TV-Media Executive Leadership
  • Global Strategy Implementation
  • People/Organizational Change Management


Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
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