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Linda Wilder

Linda is a consulting psychologist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In her private practice she coaches individuals and teams through transition and change. Her focus is always on the development of human capacity as she works with individuals, and holds the belief that individuals want to be effective and will work hard if they have the tools of awareness and skills that help to get them where they want to go. Linda believes that peak performance is tied directly to lifestyle balance and sees peoples' careers systemically including everything they do in life. She works with the view that stress sis a life energy that can help individuals be effective.

Linda's work with teams and organizations builds self awareness components and focuses on the development of effective working relationships with others. Effective teams are thus better equipped

to set goals and develop strategies to work together successfully and creatively to reach goals, set and accomplish the vision. She has been a member of the Faculty of Banff Executive Leadership since its inception and before that at the Banff Centre for Management.

She has worked with all ages across the life span in a variety of organizational settings. In her private practice, Linda has an extensive network and allies with other business and organizations to do her work as she believes diversity will help lead us to peace. Linda has traveled extensively and worked with a variety of cultures. She finds in her experiences that although we are all uniquely different we are the same at the core. Human connections and the building of communities are an essential part of her work. Linda works internationally and is involved in Humanitarian work, helping to build bridges between the many peoples of our world.


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